How to Deal with the Ever-Changing Nature of Diabetes

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A reader of my new book reached out to me recently. I enjoy relating to others dealing with diabetes, and I dearly love getting reader feedback. This email was no exception:

What happened this morning has happened before, and it doesn’t make any sense to my feeble mind. I had breakfast with only 18 carbs. I took my full amount of insulin. My glucose readings went up with eating, and then dropped as the insulin took effect. But in 10 minutes my glucose levels increased to over 200. Frustration! Then I read Day 3 (“Nothing Makes Sense”) of your devotional book, and my frustration left as I learned of your experience with low glucose levels and what happened when you slightly decreased carbs and insulin. 

When I read his initial comments, I was so glad I had shared that story. I was thrilled it was helpful to someone. And it took me back to my own experiences of diabetes not making any sense sometimes.


We live with a fickle disease. The ever-changing nature of diabetes can be frustrating. Every day with this chronic illness can be different from the next. And what works today may not work tomorrow. This is just one of the many things that can make life with diabetes so frustrating and filled with unexpected changes.

And there are fine-tuned changes, too. We can change our carb ratio. Our insulin or other medications. Our numbers can fluctuate because of hormones, stress, illness, sleep, diet, exercise… and the list goes on. 

It seems the only constant with diabetes is change.

So let’s get practical because we all need to know what to do with the ever-changing nature of diabetes. And we generally have multiple choices in front of us, some good and some not so good. Here are a few good suggestions:


First, we can simply do the best we can in the situation we find ourselves in. There are times diabetes will make us feel blindsided with a low or confused with a stubborn high. And all we can do on our own in those moments is try to make the best decisions we can with what we know at the time. That may sound overly simple, but it’s honestly our best option to help move us forward.


We can also accept that this is simply the nature of the beast sometimes. Just accepting the fact that this will happen with diabetes can relieve the stress of trying to get diabetes “right” all the time. Did you think when you were diagnosed with a chronic illness that your days would all be amazing and problem free? These frustrating moments are going to happen. Even those with diabetes who have amazingly good blood sugars the vast majority of the time still face these things every once in a while. It’s part of diabetes, and it can make you wiser and stronger in the long run if you allow it. Remember, diabetes is a long race.


Also, we can remind ourselves of our why. I blogged about this in a post called “Finding Your Why Behind Good Diabetes Care,” and it’s an important way to keep our thoughts on the big picture. Remembering our why can be a huge help in keeping us grounded and focused.



We can reach out to others in the diabetes community. Do you have an endocrinology team you trust and can reach out to for guidance? Do you have friends with diabetes who would understand your frustration? Do members of your family empathize with what you face? Are you a member of a diabetes-related group on social media where lots of people “get it” because of their own experience? We need each other to be as successful as we can be while managing diabetes. These times of confusion are definitely a time to reach out and connect with others who relate to what you are going through. (This would be a great time to connect with your “friend #1” as I explained in THIS blog post.)


Finally, we can know that even when diabetes is constantly changing, God is unchanging. When the rest of this world and different parts of your life are in constant flux, you can remind yourself that you are loved by a God who doesn’t change like the shifting shadows (James 1:17). Rest in that thought.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Hebrews 13:8

This last point is the most impactful for me personally. It helps me remember that God is my stability. My security. My foundation. My rock. My fortress. My refuge. My shelter. My provider. My protector. My anchor. My calm in the storm. 

God, in His infinite power and wisdom, can take these times of frustration and confusion and uncertainty and turn it into something good. He can teach us more about this disease and how our bodies (that He created) work. He can help us develop patience over time. He can show us the importance of community. He can provide us with wisdom. He can grow our faith in Him. And He can bring us His peace.

I think my reader summed it up better than I could have: 

Having peace when things don’t work like they are supposed to is the very definition of peace beyond understanding (Philippians 4:7). And such peace can only come as a fruit of the Spirit as we turn our mishaps over to God who knows exactly why things “go wrong” – but never wrong for Him.

What do you do when diabetes doesn’t make sense?

What is God trying to teach you through the frustrations of diabetes?

God, thank You for Your unchanging nature. Thank You that I can always turn to You and approach You with whatever I might be facing. I pray today that I would be reminded that You are always good, and that You can turn a frustrating situation into something good at any point in time. Father, please don’t allow me to face these situations with no good to come. Help me to learn and grow from these times. Guide me to make decisions with the wisdom You provide. And remind me to look for Your peace. Amen.

For Further Reading: Numbers 23:19, Isaiah 46:9-11James 4:8

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