Devotions on Diabetes<br />


Life with diabetes can be unpredictable.
It can feel overwhelming, complicated, and exhausting. But we can be secure and grounded through it all.

You are invited on a 30-day journey to discover how this is possible. Are you ready to anchor your soul?

Complete with 30 days of devotions, this book also includes:

  • personal stories
  • biblical application
  • reflection questions
  • additional suggested readings
  • room for notes and prayers

This book was written to relate to and encourage anyone who deals with diabetes, and to view it all through the lens of the Bible.

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diabetes book
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“I have searched for a book like this for almost 13 years. This absolutely grabbed and kept my attention. I am just blown away, as I have prayed for such a tool to speak to my son in a loving way so he can see Christ working in him – even with T1D.”

Jill, parent of a child with type 1 diabetes

“I’ve never really related scripture directly to my diabetes, but WOW! It all really does fit together! Publishing these kinds of stories not only continues to raise much needed awareness for diabetes, but also shouts the blessed news that God is good even to those of us living with a chronic illness.”

Sue, lives with type 1 diabetes

“Although I have type 2 diabetes and my issues and struggles can be different than yours with type 1, your devotions are relevant to the issues of dealing with any disease. You have a gift for writing and making this all so meaningful. It is relevant for many.”

Bev, lives with type 2 diabetes

“This is a much-needed resource for all who are impacted by diabetes. There is such a small amount of encouraging, faith-based literature on this topic, and I am thrilled that you answered God’s call to share your story.”

Laura, parent of a child with diabetes

“The topics you write about are very real and pertinent to any family dealing with diabetes. You easily relate the everyday hassles we deal with to the life of Jesus and the things that we know to be true about Him.”

Janna, parent of child with diabetes

“These devotions are excellent, and something that I think is needed. I was disappointed when it ended.”

- Dawn, lives with type 1 diabetes and parents a child with diabetes


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