30 Diabetic Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

30 diabetic gift ideas

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I have researched and collected 30 diabetic gift ideas to share with you just in time for the biggest gift giving season of the entire year. This list is complete with travel bags, clothing, medical IDs, pump accessories, and more!

If you are looking for presents for a diabetic friend or family member with diabetes, then this perfect gift list is your ultimate guide!

Diabetic Gift Ideas for All Ages 2

What Makes Good Diabetic Gift Ideas?

Many people with diabetes love a gift they can relate to. And diabetes is certainly something diabetics can relate to. Diabetes never takes a break, as it’s something they manage in their daily life. So most of what you will see on this list are diabetes-related gifts.

You won’t find compression socks, gift cards, or a foot massager. But you will find a variety of awesome gift ideas from practical to fun and everything in between. Then there are even a couple diabetic gift baskets included.

On the other hand, what if someone doesn’t want a diabetes-related gift? No problem. There are still things included in this collection of diabetic gift ideas that would work just fine for them. Keep on reading!

Also, there isn’t anything here that is tied to a certain holiday season, so feel free to consider an upcoming birthday, diaversary, Mother’s Day, or any other special occasion if you’re looking for fun ways to celebrate.

Ok – let’s get to it!

#1 Diabetic Gift Idea – TRAVEL BAGS

Let’s begin with some travel accessories. It’s key to have the supplies we need wherever our travels take us. And who says you can’t travel in style now that we have all these excellent options for the best diabetes gifts?

travel bags as gift ideas for diabetics
See below for links to each individual item.

1. INSULATED MINI BAG FOR HER (pictured above: teal)
Every girl needs a cross-body purse. But this one happens to hold ice packs in an insulated pouch to keep insulin cold. It has a TON of versatility on what medical supplies it can hold, including pump supplies, a blood glucose meter, test strips, insulin pens, and even a test strip trash can! Available in multiple colors.

2. DIABETES SUPPLY CASE (pictured above: floral)
This compact, light weight diabetes supply case is the perfect handheld way to carry your diabetes supplies. It includes a pocket for insulin pens and glucose tablets, a place for a blood sugar meter and lancing device, a mesh pocket, loops for testing strips and insulin, and even more. Available in several patterns.

3. INSULIN COOLER CASE (pictured above: navy)
The technology in this small bag blows me away. (We sure have come a long way since I was diagnosed 30+ years ago!) This cooling case can keep multiple insulin pens below 86°F for 6 hours even if you’re in 106°F heat — without freezing or using ice packs. And it is made to regenerate itself overnight for the next day. Available in multiple colors.

4. SLING BACKPACK (pictured above: gray)
This sling backpack with adjustable strap makes it a better way to travel with your diabetes essentials. It holds a blood sugar meter and strips, insulin, and snacks in an insulated bag. There are also pockets for keys, a phone, and a water bottle. Available in multiple colors.

#2 – CLOTHES AS Diabetic GIFTS

Who doesn’t need a funny diabetes tee or sweatshirt? I feel like humorous diabetes clothes is just a fun way to lighten the mood around a life-long illness. And we could all use a little bit of that from time to time!

Clothes as gifts for people with diabetes
See below for links to each individual item.

Acting as your child’s pancreas is a full time job. What a funny shirt, and what a great conversation starter to help bring awareness to diabetes. Available in 4 colors and 5 adult sizes.

I feel like this is an amazing gift to anyone with diabetes, whether they have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. It’s just a good idea. Available in 5 colors and 5 adult sizes.

I’m thinking I need this for myself now, as I have a partially-full juice box on the table beside me as I write this. Available in 10 colors and a variety of youth/men/women sizes.

I just can’t stop laughing at this sloth hoodie. Here’s another great conversation starter that may raise awareness for both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Available in 4 colors and 5 adult sizes.

Complete with two blue ribbons, this is the perfect hoodie for Diabetes Awareness Month in November. Available in 4 colors and 5 adult sizes.

Looking for a faith-based gift? Then check the Christmas gift ideas created by Devotions on Diabetes that connect diabetes and faith. Get shirts, bags, coffee mugs, daily journal, and more.

Diabetic Gifts from Devotions on Diabetes

Diabetic Gift Ideas #3 – MEDICAL IDS

Buying someone a medical ID as a gift might sound a bit dull, especially following the fun clothing gift ideas just above. Outside of seeing medical devices on your body, it’s a big deal to wear ID so that people know you have diabetes in an emergency situation. So here are a few stylish options for kids and adults.

Diabetic Gift Ideas - medical ids
See below for links to each individual item.

This completely personalized medical ID is a trendy and stylish way to wear your medical alert. You can choose between silver, gold & rose gold and also between 3 different font options. Available in stainless steel, gold, rose gold plated.

Next, the laser engraved Apple watch ID is a great option for someone who wears a smart watch each day. This medical ID is waterproof, light weight, and durable.

3. KIDS ALERT BRACELET (pictured above in pair)
These medical ID bracelets are colorful and fun for kids age 3 or older. Completely customizable information can be engraved on the medical tag.

4. SILICONE BRACELETS FOR KIDS (pictured above in stack of 5)
This pack of five colored silicone medical alert bands is perfect for kids. Another set is available for older kids. They are hypoallergenic and waterproof.


In case the person with diabetes you’re buying for uses an insulin pump to manage their diabetes, perhaps they would like a pump accessory as a fun type of gift. Just be sure to know which pump they use — each one has its own accessories.

pump accessories as gift ideas for diabetics
See below for links to each individual item.

1. PUMP WAIST BELT (pictured above on upper left)
Looking to carry an insulin pump discreetly? This nylon pump waist belt is perfect for physical activity, travel, or just because it’s Tuesday. Available in multiple colors.

2. REUSABLE PUMP COVER (pictured above on upper right)
This flexible Omnipod PumpPOPS is a reusable pump cover available in tons of different colors. Lightweight, flexible material makes is easy to apply and remove. Wear while sleeping, swimming, exercising, or showering.

3. TANDEM T:SLIM GEL SKIN (pictured above on lower left)
Protect your Tandem t:Slim pump from scratches and dents with this silicone gel skin. Access all controls and change the cartridge without removing the gel skin. Available in several colors and patterns.

4. INSULIN VIAL PROTECTOR (pictured above on the lower right)
The minute you drop an insulin vial and it breaks, you’ll wish you could hit rewind. (Ask me how I know!) But now you can protect your insulin vial ahead of time with this silicone wrap available in many colors. What a GREAT stocking stuffer idea!

Diabetic Gift Ideas #5 – RANDOM FUN STUFF

I feel like when you have a chronic illness like diabetes, you just have to find ways to smile. And these gift ideas below are meant to help inspire you to find random fun stuff to gift to the people you love who live with diabetes.

Diabetic Gift Ideas - Random Fun Stuff
See below for links to each individual item.

Ok. This is just fun. Another great stocking stuffer idea here with this insulin keychain. Or it would also be fun to include this keychain in a gift basket or diabetes care package to someone who just had a diabetes diagnosis.

YES! People with diabetes can eat candy. They will actually NEED to eat something with some sugar when their blood sugar levels go low. Why not offer them an gift box of sweet treats to stash away and use when needed?

It can be tricky to buy someone with diabetes a food-related gift, especially if you’re not all that familiar with diabetes. But this one is gold. Packed with a variety of healthy snacks, sugar-free candies, and sugar-free chocolate, this ready-made diabetes gift basket will help manage blood glucose levels.

Every mom who has a child living with diabetes needs to be recognized and encouraged. And in this gift-giving season, you can find a great way to do that — like this super functional bag.

#6 – JUST FOR KIDS with diabetes

The American Diabetes Association says there are more than 240,000 children and adolescents in the United States living with type 1. And with that many, we have to have a gift category just for kids! There are SO many options for diabetes-related gifts for kids, but here is a sample of ideas to get you started thinking.

Diabetic Gift Ideas for kids
See below for links to each individual item.

Did you know these sugar-free sweets existed? (They’re very tasty!) Now your child with diabetes can eat a sucker and you won’t worry about a blood sugar spike! TA-DA! Not only are these made without added sugar, but they are allergy free and made of natural flavors and colors. These treats will make your endocrinologist AND dentist smile.

I pictured this on an tween/teen girl when I saw it, and I had to include it in this gift list. What a way to honor a young lady who fights a battle of health every day. Handmade and personalized with the name of your choosing. What a thoughtful gift!

What an easy way to teach your young child about diabetes! I can just hear the conversation now. This fun plush comes with an educational card attached.

This zipper pouch diabetes supply kit is great for a girl who enjoys a good weekend trip or travel over longer periods of time. Use it to stash away insulin pens, pump supplies, glucose monitors, continuous glucose monitor back up, low snacks — you name it! Available in two colors.

Does your little one with T1D love dinosaurs? Or maybe it’s you or your spouse? Either way, what a funny gift idea. Available in 5 colors. Sizes range from 2T to an adult 3XL, so get one for everybody!

Diabetic Gift Ideas #7 – COOKING & BAKING

As much as I love to be in the kitchen, this list wouldn’t be complete without a few food-related options. With these diabetic gift ideas, you can encourage carb counting and diabetes management, promote good choices in eating and other health benefits, and keep the coffee warm. Those are wins in my book!

Diabetic Gift Ideas for cooking and baking
See below for links to each individual item.

This first food-related diabetic gift idea blows me away. This carb counting scale will allow you to see macronutrients on a handy display right on the scale itself. How convenient for fresh fruit and veggies especially! Plus, you can weigh various foods with precision down to 0.1g. What a great gift idea!

This might be my favorite item I own, especially in the colder months, but I use it literally every day. Say goodbye to cold coffee and tea, friends. You’ll want to gift one, and buy one for yourself!

Do you have a salad lover on your gift list? I have used this salad spinner for years, and it’s super handy and easy to clean. Just toss in your washed lettuce, give it a spin, and it’s all dry and ready to eat!

Finally, this guy sits on my counter and has since it arrived in my kitchen. I use it for so many things because it will air fry, grill, roast, bake, broil, and dehydrate. It has a thermometer to use for perfectly cooking meats, and cleans up super easily.

Looking for some healthy recipes? Here are a few diabetic friendly ones, for example:

30 Diabetic Gift Ideas Complete

There you have it, friends — a complete list of 30 diabetic gift ideas to help you with your holiday (or any occasion) shopping. Comment and let me know what you have purchased from this list, or if you have any other great gift ideas to add as well.

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Diabetic Gift Ideas for All Ages 2


Diabetic Gifts from Devotions on Diabetes


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