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A circle habit tracker printable can be used to track your habits in any area of life. And it may give you some insight into the daily habits you keep also. It can be used for diabetes, for health in general, or for faith.

At the bottom of this post is a link to download free printable habit trackers that you can print and use however you prefer. Let me know in the comments what you plan to track!

The Habits We Keep & A Circle Habit Tracker Printable

The Habits of Diabetes

Regardless of the specific type of diabetes you have, there are certain things we all do. We have several “habits” of diabetes, if you will.

1. Endocrinology visits

One of the main recurring habits of someone with diabetes is visiting an endocrinologist. Perhaps we also have appointments with additional members of the diabetic care team, like a nutritionist, for example. We need to keep up on our lab work, prescription refills, and any adjustments or important information from our health care team.

endocrinologist doctor visit

2. Taking Medication

While visiting your endocrinologist happens a few times a year, we have other habits that are much more frequent. For example, most of us take medication as a part of our daily routine. Whether we are taking a pill or an insulin shot, programming a bolus in our pump or using inhaled insulin (yes, that’s a thing!), we are conscious about taking medication to help regulate our blood sugar levels. And with these medications, we are constantly dealing with refills and pharmacies and prescriptions — another ongoing habit of diabetes.

3. Food and Exercise

Food and exercise is another frequent habit. And not just eating and moving our bodies. We are conscious about the types of food we eat, the carbs we consume, and what we’re eating alongside those carbs to help balance blood sugars. And with exercise, we are timing it based on our schedule for the day, the foods we have eaten, and also our insulin on board.

woman walking on a trail

4. Monitoring Blood Sugar Levels

We are constantly monitoring blood sugar levels with diabetes also. With a goal to keep our glucose levels in range, and the constant flex of food and exercise, this is something we have to keep an eye on throughout every day. Whether you are manually checking numbers with a blood sugar meter, or wearing a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), understanding your blood sugar patterns is crucial to managing diabetes well.

This list could continue for a really long time, but I will spare you the words because I know you get what I’m saying. There are certain habits we develop as we learn to live with diabetes.

Other Habits We Keep

What other habits do you keep?

We have a few family habits in our household. We have a weekly family movie night, sometimes with a special treat to eat just to make it more fun. And we eat a meal out every week, typically on the weekend. The kids each have one chore to do each weekday. And we say prayers with the kids every night at bedtime.

I can think of a few other positive habits people may have:

  • cooking meals
  • daily walks
  • working
  • paying bills
  • cleaning the house
  • reading before bed
  • meditation / prayer

What would you add to this list?

woman reading a book

Do you Track Your Habits?

Have you ever kept track of your habits? There are certain habits that people tend to track. For example, getting 8 cups of water is something you can do each day. Others might track exercise or getting in certain workouts each day, while another idea is tracking how often you reach your steps goal for the day. You get the picture.

Some people use a habit tracker app to track their weekly habits. But quite often people who track habits will use something like this — a circular habit tracker printable they can customize for themselves. Honestly, I think it’s fun to use. It helps me focus on better habits, and I love to color!

Circle Habit Tracker Download Example

In this daily habit tracker, you can list each of the goals you’d like to track. Then you can fill in the boxes with a color or a check mark when you meet each goal for that day. At the end of the entire month, you have a great way to see what days you met your goals in any particular habit.

Some people have a yearly habit tracker or even a weekly habit tracker, but I get the best results when I stick with monthly. It gives me a quick at-a-glance view so I can pay attention to a single habit even. And then I can compare month to month. Seeing progress helps me with building habits over the long term.

A Circle Habit Tracker Printable Template for Diabetes

What if we used this tool to help us with diabetes? We could track how well we do! And not to beat ourselves up when we don’t reach a goal, but to remind us of our goals and keep them top of mind. This way we can refocus ourselves as needed, and we can also celebrate the days we do meet our goals.

For this, we could track several different things.

1. blood sugars in range

The first thing that comes to mind would be to track the days our blood sugar is in range. What is your goal for this? Most endocrinologists I’ve known have a goal of being in range 80% of the day. If you’re on a CGM this would be super easy to track because you have reports available to calculate it automatically. If you’re manually checking your glucose levels, you would need to determine what your goal might look like.

young woman checking her blood sugar levels with a glucose meter

2. getting some form of exercise

We know we need to move our bodies whether we have diabetes or not. With this free circle habit tracker printable, you could track the days you exercise. Go on a walk, take a hike, lift some weights, play a sport — whatever that looks like for you. And then color in your day for that goal!

3. making wise food choices?

How often do you make healthy eating choices instead of opting for the easier junk food at hand? Are you getting enough vegetables and fruits? Do you eat lean proteins and whole grains as part of a healthy meal? Are you drinking enough water? Create a food goal for yourself and track it on these free habit tracker printables.

Looking for some delicious, diabetic-friendly recipes? Check out the recipe section of the website!

What else can you think of to add to this list to make this a diabetes-related circle habit tracker? Do you have any ideas for new habits you should have (and add to these circle habit tracker templates)?

A Circle Habit Tracker Printable for Spiritual health

Another way you can use this type of a habit tracker is for spiritual health. You could very easily track several different faith-related habits this way. Here are a few that instantly come to mind.

1. Bible Reading

You know I’m a big believer in reading God’s Word every day. That’s how the idea for this whole website and my book came about. Reading His Word is one of the ways we can connect with Him. So, of course, Bible reading would be the first idea I have.

Not sure what to read? We have several Bible reading plans for you to choose from. And they’re free printables, too! So pick one today and you’ll be reading in no time.

woman reading the bible and praying

2. Prayer

We serve a God who is available to us at any time and who wants to have a relationship with us. We can do that through prayer. Do you pray each day? Do you have certain days you pray on certain topics? However it works best for you, set yourself a goal for daily prayer and mark it off on the circle habit tracker printable at the end of the day.

3. Journaling

Personally, I love journaling my prayers. I just use a very basic notebook (something like this). And I literally write out what I think to pray. I love going back and reading through previous days of prayer journaling and seeing answered prayers. I’ve also done some journaling with my daily Bible reading in the past. Whatever works for you is great. That’s the beauty of this!

What else can you think of to add to this list to make this a faith-related circle habit tracker? Are there any other habit tracker ideas you have? What specific goal would you track?

Looking for a Circle Habit Tracker Printable?

Good news! I’m offering a free instant download to a circle habit tracker printable below. Not only will you get the circle habit tracker pdf file, but you’ll also get one for each month of the year in this digital file.

Feel free to print off as many of these printable templates as you’d like, and use them the entire year. You can save these digital resources to your computer to return to the printable file in the future. These free printable habit tracker templates will print onto an 8.5×11 US letter size copy paper. You will need a free Adobe Reader program to open to file, if you don’t already have it.

DOWNLOAD the Circle Habit Tracker Printable

If you use this circle habit tracking printable, then would you please leave a comment? Did you find this was a powerful tool to help you accomplish your goals? I would love to hear from you!

There are a variety of habit trackers as well that you could purchase online if you wanted to. Here are a few of those, too. Just click the picture to learn more.

Circle Habit Tracker Dry Erase Board and Markers

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The Habits We Keep & A Circle Habit Tracker Printable


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