Dandelions and Sticker Bushes: Managing Blood Sugar Levels in the Weeds

Managing Diabetes Down in the Weeds - A T1D Mom's Perspective

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by Brandy Davenport, co-blogger

Managing blood sugar levels can feel just as pesky as weeds in the backyard. We can often feel baffled on how to manage them. And the high and lows can choke out the otherwise level day we were having.

Growing up, I thought weeds were a normal decoration in a yard, and you just had to live with them. We had dandelions and sticker bushes all over the place. I would gather the dandelions and present them lovingly to my mom.

I would do cartwheels in the yard and get stuck by those sticker bushes. “Ouch!” Those tiny, prickly thorns would get stuck in my hand, and I would have to pull them out. 

Managing Diabetes Down in the Weeds - A T!D Mom's Perspective

The Truth About Weeds and Managing Blood Sugar Levels

It wasn’t until I married my husband, who has quite the green thumb, that I learned weeds are not a good addition to a yard. Weeds actually choke out the healthy grass trying to grow. Luckily, now my yard is sticker bush free. (But as someone in her mid forties, I’m no longer do cartwheels!)

Managing blood sugar levels can make us feel stuck in the weeds. First of all, we don’t always know what is causing them. Also, it can take days to figure out the trends to hopefully get that straight line back on the continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

What Happens When I’m Stuck in the Weeds

When this happens with our son, my wise husband has to remind me that I can’t tie down a moving train. Even so, my mind races: 

  • “Should I change his correction factor or his basal rate?”  
  • “How much should I change it?”  I’ve already increased it three days in a row and he is still going high!  
  • “Is this high blood sugar a one off situation, or did his pump site fail?
  • “Is this low because I dosed too much, or because he went out to ride his bike?”
  • “Maybe its’ just because he’s growing.”

Navigating Drastic Blood Sugar Trends

Reminders For When I’m Stuck in the Weeds

Before I know it, I’m stuck in the sticker bush all over again! As I pull out the pesky thorns in my mind, I remember these weeds have zero purpose and they choke out what I know to be true.  

Here are several reminders I like to bring to the forefront of my mind to help me recall the truth.

  • I know I will never 100% figure his blood sugars out. He’s a growing boy. 
  • I know that getting him back in range takes time and patience — just like those pesky weeds. 
  • Managing blood sugar levels will never be a perfect science. And perfection is illusive.
  • Then I pray and ask God for guidance. He is sovereign over all. Yes, even in managing blood sugar levels!

Our Life is like Dandelions and Sticker Bushes

Our life works similarly. We tend to get stuck on what to do next, and we overthink the situation. We put on the armor of self autonomy and try to steer the train ourselves. 

When we are stuck, we must give what we are struggling with over to God and ask for his guidance. Yes, we can use our knowledge and apply it, but we must always hold decisions we make up to the mirror of the gospel to know the next right step.

This idea of self autonomy is invading our culture, and we must be in tune when it invades our thoughts. Self autonomy is this idea that “I’ve got this” and we think we can do everything on our own. Therefore, we are not allowing God to have His rightful position in our lives.  Essentially, we are telling God that we deserve to sit on the thrown of our life — not Him.

Give it to God and ask for His guidance

What God Says About Being Stuck

As I said before, God wants us to give everything to Him! Yes … even the unknown of managing blood sugar levels. And especially when we feel stuck!

It may seem silly to talk to God about a new blood sugar trend and ask for guidance on the next step, but God never gets sick of hearing from us. Just take a look at these two passages of scripture:

Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and His understanding no one can fathom.

Isaiah 40:28

The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in Him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with His hand.

Psalm 37:23-24

God’s Response to our Weeds

These verses remind us that the God of the universe wants to hear from us. He delights in the details, and we should bring them to Him. He upholds us and guides us if we allow Him. God will give us the wisdom we need to move forward in the right direction if we slow down and listen.

Where are you practicing self autonomy in your life instead of relying on the Lord?  

Where are you feeling stuck and need to ask for help?  

God is waiting and ready to listen

Consider this: no matter how small things seem, God is waiting and ready to listen. The details of our day are important to Him. Therefore, we must lift up our struggles to Him and get out of the weeds.

It doesn’t mean an answer will come quickly. Sometimes the weeds are thick and it takes time to sift through. Either way, God clears out the weeds of confusion and sets us on a path for our good.

Everlasting Father, this life is full of moments that we don’t always know what to do. We get stuck in our own human strength and don’t turn things over to You our Creator. Please help me notice when I am doing things in my own strength and sitting on the thrown of my life, taking your place. You never grow tired of us. Please help remind me that You guide my steps when I delight in you, and You will never let me fall. Amen.

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Managing Diabetes Down in the Weeds - A T!D Mom's Perspective

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