How God Equips Us Fully


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When I was in dental hygiene school (learning how to save the world one floss at a time), the teachers often used the term “armamentarium” as a fancy word to describe the various tools we used. We were expected to gather and prepare them in advance. They would ask us, “Do you have all your tools on your tray ready for the job? Are you prepared for what is ahead?” At that time in my life, it was just bad hygiene. (I had it pretty good!)

Some things in life, like dental hygiene, we can prepare for. We see what’s ahead, so we prepare and plan in advance. But when a turn in life comes at us quickly, we can be left feeling alone with what seems to be an empty tray staring back at us.


I don’t know anyone who likes being caught off guard, but God is always ready for our unknown. On that Monday morning of our unknown, when my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, God already had prepared the “armamentarium” we would need.

In fact, looking back now, I see how He had been equipping us all along.

  • I have always been comfortable around medical situations
  • I have always liked taking care of others
  • In my schooling I had learned the signs, symptoms, and basic care of diabetes
  • My dad had diabetes, so it was familiar to me
  • I had gestational diabetes with both of my pregnancies

I was no expert on the topic when my son was diagnosed, but I had the previous knowledge to not be completely blindsided. 

Now, I am a planner and organizer by nature, which is a divine skill that has served me well with managing this disease. However, emotionally I was a mess. It was a totally different situation to see my own son now suffering through this disease. I cried most days, and worried even more. I wrestled with my anger.


God knew through those times who and what to place in my life. His timing was perfect. All the provisions leading up to diagnosis were divinely arranged. From the home we moved into six months prior, to the new preschool he would attend, and my hygiene patient who helped me navigate just as she had done three years prior to that.

These are not “coincidences” as the world would have us think. This was God’s “armamentarium” that He had gathered and provided for me to use. He provides it for us in love, if only we would see it and use it. It’s right there on the tray. 


We are not alone in our unique circumstances. We are surrounded by His love, and we must remind ourselves of that daily. God doesn’t call us to something only to leave us by ourselves. He is always providing for us, and He stays with us. The author of Hebrews says:

May He equip you with everything good for doing His will, and may He work in us what is pleasing to Him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

– Hebrews 13:21

In what ways has God equipped you to go through what you have already experienced? In what way is God equipping you right now? 

In what part of your life do you feel alone? Are you unsure if you have the tools to take another step? Ask God to help you see what He has for you. 

I encourage you today to call on Him and trust in Him for your “armamentarium.” He already has it prepared for you.

Dear Lord, thank You for being our ultimate provider. Thank You for providing what I need when I need it. You are always with me. Remind me daily to look for You even when all I see in front of me is an empty tray. I know You have prepared me for my circumstances, and I shouldn’t fear what is ahead because You are in control. Help me to look to You always and trust fully. Amen.

For further reading: Psalm 146Matthew 6:25-34Philippians 4:19-20Proverbs 3:5-6





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