Finding Your Why Behind Good Diabetes Care


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Why do you want good diabetes care? What motivates you to maintain target blood sugar levels? How do you find endurance on the hard days? What is your why?

I first considered these questions when I was interviewed on the Type 1 in Midlife podcast and I was asked what inspired me and gave me hope while managing diabetes. These are all good questions that really made me think for a minute. Here’s what I said:


1. First, I told her that considering the long term was helpful for me.
I want to make sure I have good diabetes care to be healthy for my husband and my children. I want to have a thriving marriage and one day enjoy retirement. Although our kids are only five and ten, one day they will graduate from school. Maybe they will get married and have kids. I want to be there for all of that, and I want to be healthy enough to enjoy it.

2. Also, thinking about glorifying God through this illness inspires me to take good care of myself.
As long as God has me here on this earth, I need to care for myself as best I can. Only then will I be healthy to carry out the will He has for my life. Having good diabetes care allows me to be healthy and give God glory.

3. Third, thinking about the big picture helps me too. 
Good diabetes care is more possible now. Diabetes care in general has come such a long way, even in the 30 years since my diagnosis. Like I mentioned in my devotion book, technology has improved drastically. And today, I can be thankful that I have access to good care. I know if I am intentional and take good care of myself, I have a good chance of leading a long and healthy life. 

I tend to care for myself better and make wiser choices when I focus on the reasons that keep me going. Do you feel the same?

For you, this may look different. Perhaps grandchildren are a part of your why. Some people also have a wonderful and supportive group of friends to encourage them to keep going. Do you want to be healthy to provide service to God or others? Is it something else yet?

What is your why? Identifying it can help you find the focus you need.


Jesus knew His why; there was no doubt. He was intimately aware of His purpose and never lost sight of His mission. 

For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.

Luke 19:10

Jesus was laser focused. He didn’t waver. He knew his purpose. He was completely aware that He had been sent to fulfill the scriptures and prophecies, to be a perfect and blameless sacrifice on behalf of a humanity that would otherwise be separated from God forever.

Jesus knew He was our rescue plan. He was our hope. His love for us overflowed, to the point that before He was crucified, His prayers included you and me. (John 17)

But ultimately, everything Jesus did to rescue humanity was accomplishing God’s will and bringing Him glory. He was preaching the kingdom of God and teaching people every step of the way. He was completely fixed on His mission from God, and He carried it out without fault. 

For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.

John 6:38

What is your why behind good diabetes care? What goals do you want to reach to stay as healthy as you can to fulfill your mission? 

What is the purpose God has given you for your life? How can you rely on Him to lead you to that and through it? How can good diabetes care help you glorify God?

Lord, thank You for giving me a purpose and the encouragement I need to be as healthy as I can through living with a chronic illness. You see a much bigger picture than I can see in my limited view. Thank You for Your plans for me. I pray You would help me to stay focused on the bigger picture that helps me manage diabetes well. Help me to turn to You when my view narrows, and to trust that You always see the long term.

For Further Reading: John 18:37, Luke 4:43, John 6:38-40, Matthew 1:21, John 17 





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